March 3rd, notes from my little black book, and other ‘crazy’ ramblings of a Manic Depressive.


March 3rd John Thaw

March 3rd, notes from my little black book, and other ‘crazy’ ramblings of a Manic Depressive. 

I’ve been crazy since I was 15 when I started self-harming and thinking about suicide. The doctor told me it was just depression. Aged 18 I blew my first installment of my student loan and my life savings in 2 weeks – It was one hell of a party! Aged 20 I tried to kill myself by throwing myself off a cliff, but Ian McKellen and Judi Dench saved my life. I blame the Scream figure who was floating outside my 3rd floor bedroom window but that’s psychosis for you! A few weeks later I was partying as if nothing had happened – ask me about the ‘Dewi Measures’. Aged 30 I found myself on a train platform as my noise almost brushed the body of the incoming train – I have no idea how I got there. The doctors told me I was just Bipolar.

Throughout my illness I have always written. Poems, bits of plays, stories and more recently a diary of my ‘Crazy’ thoughts. March 3rd was the first story that I wrote that was inspired my first ‘big’ suicide attempt. My little black book is where I keep my private ‘crazy’ thoughts. My ‘crazy’ ramblings are everything else that I have written during 15 years of mental illness.

Performed uncensored, and as written during manic, depressive and psychotic phases “March 3rd, notes from my little black book and other ‘crazy’ ramblings of a manic depressive.” Aims to give the sane a glimpse of insanity – and the insane a voice.

Join our anonymous Q&A Session with the performer Dewi Evans who is Cyclothymic (Bipolar) and his experiences of mental illness and the mental health system.

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Dewi Evans


Writer/Performer Dewi Evans
Costume Luke Fernandez
Technical Advisor Jamie Robinson Burt
Marketing Matthew Robinson Burt