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Tea with Mamgu

The hugely successful “Tea with Mamgu” will be returning to the stage in 2014 for a much anticipated tour.  Already showcased at the London Welsh Centre, the Billericay Arts Association and through a small scale tour of Wales, “Tea with Mamgu” has received rave reviews, and sell-out performances. “I’m just waiting for my friends I am,… Read more

Under Milk Wood

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, The London Welsh Center Community Drama Group in association with White Desert Productions and Tigz Theatre presents Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood. To begin at the beginning…. It is winter, the moon shining in the bright star filled sky. Behind two curtains the stage is bible black and in… Read more


It’s the most idiotic. Most ironic. Most stupid, human quality you can have. That love is the thing that turns people from their homelands, their families; it threatens their lives. Makes the outcasts from their own people. Love. The greatest force we have. The thing that will mend us all in the end. – Stephen… Read more