Night Must Fall By Emlyn Williams

Night Must Fall is a psychological thriller written by Emlyn Williams which was first performed in 1935. This thrilling drama tells the story of Mrs Bramson a bitter, spiteful woman who lives with her niece Olivia and two servants Dora and Mrs Terrance, all of whom despise her.

When Dora the maid reveals she is pregnant Mrs Bramson demands to meet the father Danny, a smooth talking charming Welshman who quickly ingratiates his way into Mrs Bramson’s life. When the blonde bombshell Mrs Chalfont is discovered murdered and headless in the rubbish pit Olivia grows suspicious of Danny and all his charm.

Performed by the London Welsh Centre’s Community Drama group in association with Tigz Theatre this production follow on from last year’s outstanding performance of “Under Milk Wood”. The production will be performed at the London Welsh Centre on Saturday 27th September 2014 at 7.30pm.

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Performed by the London Welsh Centre’s Community Drama group in association with Tigz Theatre this production follow on from last year’s outstanding performance of “Under Milk Wood”.



Lord Chief Justice – Martin Mills

Mrs. Bramson – Joanna Foster

Olivia Grayne – Bethan Hughes

Hubert Laurie – Jay Solomon

Nurse Libby – Lillian Gergely

Mrs. Terence – Ann Green

Dora Parkoe – Lowri Jones

Inspector Belsize – James Richards

Dan – Rob Davies



Director – David Evans

Technical – Jamie Robinson-Burt

Operations Manager – Mathew Robinson-Burt

Costume – Luke Fernandez


“Night Must Fall” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD


So our audience feedback for our community production of Evelyn Williams’ “Night Must Fall” has been collected and here it is!


  • Next time I want to see the severed head! Well done all!


  • A beautiful cast and obviously a clear creative passion from the director. Would love to see this group develop further work. So glad to see the centre put to such good use!


  • What can I say? You did the Centre extremely proud!!! It was great to see the cast from a different perspective, because now I understand when people said you were all brilliant last year! Every one of you is talented and can really act. I was utterly CREEPED THE HELL OUT and amused throughout. To the directors production re-creating well known plays each year IS A MUST. The familiar draws crowds but it also allows you to be creative with an original piece. Definitely need more of this at the Centre- theatre in every capacity. Love you all – you are ACE


  • Marvellous performance! Can’t rate it highly enough. Looking forward to the next evening.


  • Really enjoyed all the characters. Really well cast. I really enjoyed the performance. Thank you to all involved.


  • All the hard work was well worth while – well done to Dewi and his cast.


  • What a fantastic evening’s entertainment. When’s the next one?


  • An absolutely fantastic production I was on the edge of my seat! More please guys!


  • Congratulations, brilliant acting and extremely creepy. I was thoroughly spooked.


  • Wonderful show, well done there should be solo curtains so each actor gets a round of applause.


  • Enjoyed, I love you Evans xx


  • Very well performed and highly entertaining.


  • Excellent performance by the whole cast not a mean feet for a three hour play! Keep it up!
  • An incredibly professional, moving and engrossing performance.


  • Really entertaining, well-acted and enjoyable. Well Done!


  • Wonderful performance, enjoyed, great acting. Liz Bingham.


  • “Night Must Fall” – Fabulous cast – Unbelievably good acting – will haunt me tonight – Wonderful!


  • Well Done!


If you would like to take part in next year’s production why not pop along to our upcoming production of Macbeth which will be performed on the 31st October 2014 and the 1st November 2014. Details at


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