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Under Milk Wood

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, The London Welsh Center Community Drama Group in association with White Desert Productions and Tigz Theatre presents Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood.

To begin at the beginning….

It is winter, the moon shining in the bright star filled sky. Behind two curtains the stage is bible black and in the small dressing rooms the lights blaze as the performers prepare for their opening night. The village has come out, down cobbled streets, past the post office, chippy and corner shop to gather in a small hall on uncomfortable plastic chairs to see the annual community show. A small child, dressed in woolen hat, thick coat and mittens gazes at the white washed walls illuminated by the security light and the Child’s awe of the magic that is theatre…they are off to see their first show!

For many of us our first experience of theatre was most likely to a local community production of a well known play or pantomime. The local theatre group in many communities was, along with the choir, the heart of the village, and it was this first experience of the magic of the theatre that drives many people to study Drama at University before training to become a professional Actor. We at Tigz Theatre firmly believe that community productions, wherever they are, are as valuable to the life and vitality of the British Theatre scene as big West End musicals such as The Lion King or Les Miserables.

Tigz Theatre is working with White Desert Productions and the London Welsh Centre Community Drama Group, providing technical and backstage support.  We are very proud to promote community theatre and hope that you will enjoy the performance of Under Milk Wood.