Lighting for “Under Milk Wood”

Being written originally as a radio play “Under milk wood” brings a special challenge to light as it moves scene quickly presenting us with snippets of Llareggub life.

We use light in theatre to portray emotion, to move the action to different locations, times of day or state of mind. My design for “Under Milk Wood” builds on this within the constraints of a fringe theatre rig. I’ve opted to drive the show manually, in preference to pre-programmed queues, for a small rig this is relatively easy to do, and allows for last minute tweaks, especially important for a one night show. Whilst a typical west end show has the luxury of many weeks in a light proof space to reach perfection we’re attempting to achieve our results with the added challenges of changing ambient light levels, and only a few rehearsals with the lights available.

Having just completed our final dress rehearsal, I’m really pleased with the effects we’ve achieved and hope we can do justice to the hard work and commitment of the cast and director.



Jamie Robinson-Burt - October 19, 2013