Tickets for our all-female production of Macbeth are selling out fast!


Tickets for our all-female production of Macbeth, which is set against the backdrop of the rise of fascism, are selling out fast.


Tigz Theatre’s Artistic Director David Evans stated:


“There is a real buzz behind this production. We are doing something bold and exciting by using an all-female cast and placing the audience right at the heart of the action. The audience will be sat just a few feet from the actors and will be complicate in everything from Duncan’s murder to Macbeth’s rise and fall.

The cast are absolutely superb and I am having an amazing time exploring the roles and narrative of the play with the team. Setting the production against the rise of Fascism has had a really interesting effect on the play as we’re looking at Macbeth as a commando, Duncan as a besieged leader tucked away in his bunker and how women became more powerful in times of national conflict.”


The production, which sees the action take place in a traverse staging using the floor and stage of the London Welsh Centre’s main hall, has a limited number of seats per performance. David revealed that this is a deliberate move


“The main hall is massive compared to other fringe theatre venues and when we use our extension we think we have one of the largest playing spaces on the off west end scene. The hall is designed to be multipurpose and can hold almost 250 people. Because of the size we rarely manage to fill the space even when we have a large audience of between 60 and 100 audience members per performance we still have empty space at the back. For this production I wanted to reclaim as much of that lost space as possible and give it to the actors. Creating a traverse stage has allowed for a much more intimate feel to the action and I won’t give too much away but the Banquet scene is going to be amazing!”


Advance ticket for the performance on the 31st October and 1st November are available HERE with a limited number of tickets being made available on the door. Rehearsal photographs for the production (taken by various photographers) can be viewed in our gallery.

David Evans - October 16, 2014